Ecotric Bike Review – Buyer’s Guide

by IrideEV Team | Last Updated: 5th November 2019
ECOTRIC Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike 26″ 500W 36V/12AH Lithium Battery
  1. ECOTRIC Fat Tire Beach Snow Electric Bike

Cycling has become a clean, green, and healthy way to commute. No wonder there is an increase in demand for bicycles nowadays.

However, with the fast-paced world we live in now, there are times when peddling physically is not sufficient. You need the additional push to reach your destination on time.

And it helps when your bike is powered enough, so you do not arrive at work sweaty and tired from cycling.

This is where electric bikes come in handy. They are eco-friendly, inexpensive, and save the depletion of nonrenewable fuel sources.

So if you are considering an ebike, the Ecotric ebikes are an excellent choice. In our Ecotric Bike Review we have the top-selling ebikes from Ecotric. Read on to know which is ideal for your requirements.

Ecotric Fat tire ebike guarantees an accurate, smooth, and fast ride with its powerful features. The seven gear bike is designed to provide the best performance and comfort for the rider. Here are the crucial features of the ebike:

Design And Construction

The Ecotric fat tire ebike is designed especially for off-road cycling. The fat tires of 26 x 4 inches dimension prevent anti-skidding. The design is ergonomic with strong and sturdy materials used for the body and tires.

Available as 90% pre-assembled, the ebike is fitted with convenient to use handlebars. The seat can be adjusted according to the rider height, and the tire is designed correctly with anti-slip design and wear-resistant durable material. The LED display fitted to the handlebar is useful for setting the speed limit.

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Mountain Bicycle


The fat tire Ecotric electric bike is ideal for riding on any type of rough terrain. Off-road cycling, good adaptation to gravel, sand, snow, and other rough terrains are more accessible with the Ecotric bike.

The brushless gear hub cycle motor with 500W power makes climbing very steep inclines effortless and efficient.

The motor has a capability of clocking speeds of a maximum of 23 mph. The lithium battery used for the electric bike is 36 V/12AH power providing charge up to a maximum of 19 miles.

And battery comes in an easy to carry case that enables charging the battery at your workplace or school. The dual outage and mechanical braking offer additional stability and security.

Budget Benefits

At over $950, the price of the electric bike is very high. However, the 7 gear shift, high speed, convenience, and performance-oriented features of the bicycle make the price worth it. And the savings that the bike provides in terms of fuel consumption and efficiency also work in favor of the ebike.

  • The speed is very good, and the bike accelerates fast and smooth
  • Made of durable quality material that provides stable ride even in rough terrain
  • Matt finish in the black color is resistant to damage
  • The battery lasts nearly about 25 miles on a full charge
  • Its brake rotors easily warp
  • The bike has simple controls with just 3 buttons and an LCD panel and it does not have speed changing mechanism and the power used up for the motor
  • The assist settings for the seat are shallow and need high assist level for tall people

Final Impression

With excellent features, I would definitely recommend this ebike, mainly if you use it for off-road biking. The stability, power, convenience, and energy-efficient features of the bike ensure it is a smart purchase. With a good set of fenders, the bike can be kept safe from the mud and water that gets splashed when you ride.
And the brakes are in reverse when compared to standard bicycles for accommodating throttle. You will find the right brake is for the front and left is for the rear. So remember this when you ebike brake after accelerating to top speed. By the way, this is the top seller of our Ecotric Bike Review.

Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike – Black 500W
ECOTRIC 20inch New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Beach Snow Review - Buyer’s Guide
  1. Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike

If you are in search of a portable ebike for your camping trips, the 20-inch Ecotric foldable bike may be the option to consider. As with the other Ecotric ebikes, this model too packs quite a large number of desirable features. Let me get you through the feature highlights first:

Design And Construction

The Ecotric foldable bike is made of Aluminum alloy frame in linearness design. The body is sturdy with space provided for battery placement.

The battery can be slid off the groove. It is placed behind the seat. The bike weighs 57.3 pounds.
The tires are 20 inches x 4 inches and are sturdily built to withstand rough road conditions in winter and summer.

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Beach Snow


The bike is designed to accelerate to a maximum speed of 20mph. The 500 W motor provides the required boost for cycling. The seven-speed Shimano gear system ensures the outage breaking and the mechanical braking system work together for added safety.

The bike also has walk assist and pedal-assist features. The distance it can go per charge is up to 23 miles.

Budget Benefits

Prices around $750 the foldable bike may look expensive at the outset. But after riding it in rough road conditions, I was surprised that the makers gave it away for such a low price.

Most of the competitor models available are expensive than this model and also do not have as many attractive and useful features as this Ecotric model.

  • The bike is easy to ride on gravel and dirt roads
  • Assembling the bike was easy
  • Folding feature makes it easy to carry it in an RV or car easily
  • Pedaling without power is also easy
  • Parts are of good quality
  • Powerful motor and can climb easily on hills of 20-degree inclines
  • The seat was challenging to set up on the bike. It did not fit well
  • Battery does not charge fully even after an overnight charge
  • Manual instructions are very vague
  • Does not go on very steep inclines

Final Impression

I like how easy the bike is to assemble even with the hazy instructions. It needed just minor adjustment with the breaks and some lube to make the ride smooth and easy.
The four-inch fat tire is an excellent feature as it makes pedaling easier on rough terrain and makes the ride smoother. Even with the expensive price tag, the feature-packed bike is undoubtedly worth it when compared to competitor bikes that are priced at over $1000. And this is my loveliest bike from this Ecotric Bike Review.

ECOTRIC Leopard Electric Mountain Bike 26inch Alloy Frame Lithium Suspension Fork
ECOTRIC Mountain EBike 26inch Alloy Frame Lithium Suspension Fork Review - Buyer’s Guide
  1. ECOTRIC Leopard Electric Mountain Bike

If you want a cost-effective electric mountain bike, the Ecotric Mountain ebike is an option to consider. Designed for mountain riding, the ebike has a good shock absorption system and robust tires. Let us see the essential features of the bike here:

Design And Construction

The mountain ebike from Ecotric is thoughtfully constructed with sturdy and ergonomic features. The frame is made of Aluminum alloy and has a streamlined design. The seat is adjustable according to the height of the rider. The handbag is ergonomic, ensuring rider comfort.
The tires are sufficiently wide and have an anti-slip and wear-resistant tread.

ECOTRIC Mountain EBike Electric Bicycle White


A proper suspension system is a must for riding inclines and rough terrains as in mountain riding. The Ecotric mountain ebike is fitted with an adjustable disc brake of hydraulic suspension fork type with an aluminum shoulder.

The cover tire dimension is 26 inches x 2,35 inches, while the inner tire has 26 x 2.125 inches. The removable Lithium battery requires charging for 8 hours approximately, which can give you distance coverage of about 50 km.

The battery powers the 500 W motor, and the range are actually based on whether you are using the throttle power or the pedal assist. With the pedal assist, the energy used is more; hence, the covered distance will be less. The maximum speed it can reach is 32 km per hour or 20 mph.

Budget Benefits

The mountain ebike is priced at $950 approximately, which is expensive but not much when you consider what the competitors charge. The Ecotric ebike for mountain ride has plenty of features that make it ideal for mountainous terrain. This makes the price worth it.

  • Quality is excellent
  • Easy to ride even on rough and steep inclines
  • 90% Pre-assembled so was a breeze to set it up
  • The LCD display is very convenient for checking the speed, distance, and power
  • Heightt adjustment is difficult to do
  • Instructions for setting up are not clear
  • Battery power does not last for more than 10 miles
  • Seat is uncomfortable

Final Impression

This bike will be a great choice for mountainous terrain. The price is on the same level as competitors have, but Ecotric provide much more features. It makes this bike Value for Money choice in our Ecotric Bike Review. In addition, it has great quality and almost do not require any assembling.

ECOTRIC Hammer Electric Fat Tire Beach Snow Bike Powerful 1000w Motor
ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Beach Snow Black Powerful 1000w Motor Review - Buyer’s Guide
  1. ECOTRIC Hammer Electric Fat Tire Beach Snow Bike

The powerful motor makes a great deal of difference to your ride, especially in an ebike. This is why the fat tire mountain ebike from Ecotric is fitted with a 1000W motor. When you are handing rough uphill roads, the additional power is convenient. Here are other important features that stand out in this ebike from Ecotric:

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ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Mountain

Design And Construction

Just like the other Ecotric fat tire model I have discussed in this review list, this ebike has a similar alloy frame with a streamlined design. The ebike has a sturdy build with a fully functional braking system and disc brakes that work over both lines ensuring a safe ride.

The 26 x 4-inch tire has an anti-skidding design, and the tread is built to adapt to any type of topography, including sand, snow, and others. The seat is adjustable, and the battery is placed beneath the seat and can be removed and charged when the bike is not in use.

The LCD display and gear switch are convenient to switch gears and adjust speed. The device is available as 90% pre-assembled, so putting it together and getting it ready for a ride is smooth.

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Electric Bike Beach Snow Mountain


The 1000W motor powered by 48V/13AH battery provides the power needed for rough rides on snow, sand, etc. The Hydraulic brake and outage brake give the right assistance. The walk and pedal-assist further ensure the ebike serves according to your specific needs.

  • The powerful motor makes riding smooth and fast
  • The brake system and suspension are perfect and provide reasonable control while riding fast
  • The design is very sleek
  • Fat tires offer a smooth ride
  • The headlamp is an excellent addition
  • Difficult to use the assist settings
  • Battery compartment is not proper, Makes annoying rattling noise while riding
  • Set up needs some technical knowledge for a proper ride

Final Impression

The seven-speed 1000W motor fitted Ecotric mountain ebike is an excellent choice to consider with its outstanding brake systems, suspension, and battery. The design is good to look at, and sturdy and the charging system for mobile is an added benefit.
Overall the Ecotric 1000W mountain bike is a smart purchase award winner in of our Ecotric Bike Review. So it is the right choice if you are looking for an ebike that can accommodate on-road and off-road conditions adeptly.

ECOTRIC 20 inch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Beach Snow
ECOTRIC 20inch Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Beach Snow Review - Buyer’s Guide
  1. ECOTRIC 20” New Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

This Ecotric 20-inch fat tire foldable model is similar in features to the earlier folding ebike I have described in this list. This folding model is an apt choice for bikers who want their bike to be easy to carry around on their outdoor trips.
Let us look at the essential features in this folding ebike:

Design And Construction

Similar to the earlier folding model I have discussed here, this Ecotric folding bike is made of Aluminum alloy frame, and the handlebars and seats are designed ergonomically. Available in blue and white colors, the ebike looks and feels sturdy and sleek.

ECOTRIC Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike Beach Snow ebike


With a motor capacity of 500W and 36V battery powering it, the ebike provides appreciable speed. And the presence of throttle assist and pedal-assist features ensure the speed is maintained even when you are not up to it.

The braking and suspension work in tandem to make the ride an enjoyable one even in rough terrain.

Budget Benefits

The price of this folding ebike from Ecotric is around $845, which is a cost-effective deal. When compared to competitor models that have similar or fewer features, the price is well worth it.

  • Easy to carry it on camping trips
  • Fenders are useful when riding it in rainy weather
  • It is easy to cover over 30 miles without feeling too exhausted.
  • Assembling the bike was difficult
  • Fenders look flimsy
  • Does not offer an excellent fit
  • Not easy to drive in intersections inside the city

Final Impression

If you are focused on buying a portable ebike with the basic features, the Ecotric folding ebike is an option you can consider. This model is light in weight, and although some parts like the fender seem flimsy in quality.
The bike is good on sand and dirt roads and battery works, which makes it a moderately valuable purchase. Ecotric Bike Review – Value Choice.

Ecotric Bike Review – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mechanism behind electric bikes?

Electric bikes or ebikes have electric motor fitted to the rear hub as in the Ecotric models or the bottom bracket or front hub of a few other models. When you turn the motor on, it pushes the bike forward with pedal-assist or throttle assist. The lithium battery powers the motor. When you switch off the electronics, it can be used just like a standard bike.

What is the best electric bicycle?

There are several hundreds of ebike models available in the market now ranging from $1000 to more than $8000. It is not easy to pick out the best. You have to consider the reliability, performance, quality, and price factor and choose the best.

What are the disadvantages of electric bikes?

E-bikes are expensive and have longer charging time and shorter battery life. They are also heavy, so storing them is difficult. Without battery power, you will find it difficult to pedal the bike uphill.

What electric bike has the longest range?

The longest range of an ebike is based on factors such as the terrain, cargo weight, rider, motor size, battery power, and tire. However, a bike with a high amp-hour value will be able to cover a longer distance. A 20AH bike can cover a range of 75 miles for a single charge.

How far will an electric bike go?

On average, you can cover about 20 to 50 miles on a single charge. However, this may vary based on factors like rider weight, battery power, terrain, the weather, and more.

Final Verdict – Ecotric Bike Review

Ecotric makes great ebikes for their prices. They all have a high-quality and enough power to use them according to their missions. For this moment it is hard to reccomend any other ebike to start your path in the world of e-cycling.

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