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by IrideEV Team | Last Updated: 23rd August 2020
Best Extension Cord for Charging Electric Car
Mustart 40 Amp 20 Ft Extension Cord for EV Charger
  1. Mustart 40 Amp 20 Ft Extension Cord

Owning an electric car is great, they’re efficient, comfortable, and faster in some cases, but the main problem with owning an electric car is the charging process, especially with the cables, an extension cord for a charger can be useful or useless.

When buying one you need to take a quick look at the amperage rating, wire thickness or gauge, and water resistance ratings, getting the wrong cable can be dangerous, so today let’s take a quick look at the best extension cord for charging electric cars.

Extension cords need to be as strong as it can to resist physical damage and also strong enough to carry the high amperage needed by your electric car. The Mustart extension cord checks all the requirements for everything you ever need on an extension cord, let’s take a closer look at this cord, shall we?

The cord itself is made out of 20 feet of cable which can give you the option of leaving your car in the driveway while charging it from inside the garage. Although a thick cable measured at ½ inch diameter combined with a length of 20 feet makes the voltage drop a problem, so you better make sure that this cable is supplying its rated amperage at 40A to ensure that voltage drop will be minimal.

Best Extension Cord for Charging Electric Car Review

To ensure that you are getting your money’s worth on this extension cord, Mustart made sure that this extension cord can be used anytime and anywhere, to do so, this cable features the universal J1772 Female and Male connections so you can use this with any car, even with Tesla cars with their included adaptor. The cable itself is also made to be highly flexible to cover the tight spots this cable may be in.

And as a bonus with its usability, this cable is rated with a higher waterproofing IP67 rating, which is highly appreciated, it’s tough to imagine what damages you will see when a wire with 40A of load suddenly shorts out due to liquid. And do keep in mind that while this has an IP67 rating, try to keep that feature as a safety reserve and don’t do something like charging your car outside while raining.

The connectors on this extension cable have included covers as an extra safety feature, and both the male and female connectors are also made beefy to ensure durability, and in terms of the user experience, with the soft and flexible cables, together with the good handle with a sleek lock release button will provide a satisfactory and hassle-free experience.

I recommend this cable for the sleek experience it brings to its user, and the safety features make this cable worthy of every dollar you paid for it. You can also check our Mustart Charger Review
  • The cable is flexible yet durable and will resist any scratching or fraying
  • The connectors are solidly built to ensure a secure connection
  • Has IP67 waterproofing
  • Running anything lower than 40A causes a significant voltage drop
Onetak 32A 20 Feet Extension Cable EV Charger Extension Cable Cord
Best Extension Cord for Charging Electric Car Review
  1. Onetak 32A 20 Feet Extension Cable

Extension cables for charging your electric car needs to do a simple yet delicate job, providing power is easy enough, but you do need to take a close look if the extension cord you are using has its safety features and firm build quality.

The Onetak 32A 20 feet extension cable gets the job done at helping you charge your vehicle at level 2 charging power, but will it ensure your safety? Let’s take a closer look.

Before going on with the features, this extension cable is meant to be used as a cable for bare necessities, so this might be lacking some great features. Moving on, the Onetak extension cord features the bare standard connector with charging electric cars and that is the J1772A charging connectors, which is featured on most electric cars.

But you can still use this on cars with proprietary ports like the cars of Tesla which can be plugged with the J1772A using an included adaptor by Tesla.

Best Extension Cord for Charging Electric Car Review

Continuing with the features, this incorporates a well-built handle on the male plug, the male handle is securely screwed on with Torx screws otherwise known as the 6-star screws. This is used here so most people can’t tamper with this extension cable.

On the other hand, the Female plug is also secured with some hex bolts and nuts, also to make sure that most people can’t easily tamper with the plug and potentially cause damage.

This extension cord uses a generously insulated yet flexible cable, and with that cable, this is rated to run voltages of 85-250VAC and can handle 32A of power running through it, this might not support the 40A chargers for faster charging, but this will do its intended job well.

Despite lacking some important features like waterproof ratings, I think this has an ample amount of safety within in, and this is certainly one of the best extension cords for bringing the basics.

  • Built to have a secure and solid charging connection
  • Held on with security screws and bolts
  • Provides a clean look
  • Only covers basic functionalities
Lectron 240V 40 Amp Level 2 EV Charger with 18ft Extension Cord J1772 Cable & NEMA 14-50 Plug
Best Extension Cord for Charging Electric Car Review
  1. Lectron 240V 40 Amp Level 2 EV Charger

Perhaps you don’t want any of the wall-mounted chargers and have your charger in one easy package? The Lectron Level 2 EV charger may be the best for you as this is offering extra convenience and easy storing, but let’s take a deeper look at the features and specifications of this charger.

While we are featuring extension cords in this list, we are also going to mention some chargers which would work well even without the extension cord.

So to take a look at the Lectron Level 2 charger, the one thing anyone will notice is that the charger, cable, and everything will run on a single cable that can be easily transported, which is great if you are planning to travel at a place which doesn’t have an EV charger, just find a NEMA 14-50 plug and you’re all set.

Best Extension Cord for Charging Electric Car Review

In terms of power, the Lectron Level 2 charger provides a 40A power supply together with 240V, so with this, you can travel without worrying about finding a charger somewhere, and with this, you can fully charge your car in around 8 hours instead of waiting up to 12 hours.

The cable on this charger brings about 18 feet of allowance so reaching your car within your garage won’t be much of a hassle, this charger also features a very sleek handle that has no screws or holes in plain sight. But with that, I recommend extra precautions to prevent dropping the handle, and the plug itself is a well-made J1772 which again, will fit most electric cars.

This charger also has a very useful and informative LED display which will show you the Current, Voltage, Temperature, and Charge time, so you know everything that’s going on, and that way, you can keep watching on the monitor to prevent any errors that can cause danger.

You will also find additional safety features on this charger such as the rugged construction of the cable itself, and shock protection. Together with the error avoidance system, the charger will limit its power once it has detected an error. So you can rest easy knowing that this charger will help prevent any accidents from happening.

From the convenient and easy operation to the tons of safety features, I certainly recommend this as one of the best extension cord for charging your electric car.

  • Has the protection from overheating, electrical surges, and shocks
  • Provides ample protection when in wet conditions
  • The LED monitor is very useful at keeping track of the charging conditions
  • The cable may be too short for some people
  • The NEMA 14-50 Plug needs a dedicated plug to work correctly
JuiceBox 32 Next Generation Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi
Best Extension Cord for Charging Electric Car Review
  1. JuiceBox Smart Electric Vehicle Charger

The JuiceBox Smart charger is an interesting one, think about getting the absolute best in terms of charging speeds and features, the JuiceBox Smart Electric Vehicle Charger may be for you. Let’s dive into why this is amazing.

To start, the JuiceBox Smart Charger is designed to be a wall-mounted charger, and this is designed to be fully integrated with your garage. If you’re looking for a charger that’s portable and easy to set up, then this might not be for you.

The JuiceBox Smart Charger has different versions that you can get, and you can mainly decide whether you’ll get a hardwired one or a plug-in type. Hardwiring this product does need some professional installation to ensure the safety of your home’s electrical systems. Hardwiring one seems a bit too laborious but you might want to consider that after knowing its features.

Best Extension Cord for Charging Electric Car Review

This charger features a well-built J1772 charging connector so you can plug in most electric cars to this charger, including Tesla cars with their adaptor. The interesting feature this charger has is the Wi-Fi functionality so with this, you can schedule your charging times and have full remote control and monitoring capabilities.

You’ll also have reminders and notifications pushed on your phone via an app, and above all that, this also works with Alexa which is great if you’re planning on building a smart home.

Now this does run up to 40A of power to make sure that a quick charge is possible, but the voltage is interesting as this will run according to your home voltage to ensure safety, and with that the charging module with automatically adjust and ensure the best charging performance.

After seeing the features, I think this would be the best option if you’re looking into permanent hardwired charging solutions, and I think the safety is not questionable here as this needs to be professionally installed and it has its processor for preventing any errors.

With all said, I recommend this as one of the best methods with charging your electric car.

  • One of the best permanent charging solutions
  • Has Wi-Fi features that are usable with an app
  • Works with Alexa
  • Charges cars quickly
  • Hard to install
  • Hard to maintain or fix
Road Power 30′ STW 30-Amp RV Extension Cord, Heavy Duty, Waterproof Cord
Best Extension Cord for Charging Electric Car Review
  1. Road Power RV Extension Cord

Our last pick is more of a risky alternative, but do use this at your own risk if you decide to use one. But this is truly clever and without further ado let’s take a look at this extension cord.

The Road Power RV Extension Cord is not a charging cable, instead, it is an extension for your charger so you can extend the input instead of the charger itself. This is a 30 feet cable, which will reach into things well.

This has a male and female AC plug from end to end, so chargers with irremovable charging cords like the Lectron Charger can reach farther.

This is a 10-gauge cable that can run 125 volts and can handle up to 3750 watts. Although here is the biggest drawback, this cable can only handle 30A so chargers rated higher than 30A is a potential danger as it may force the extension to draw more than it can, although this is pretty safe to be used with chargers that have automatic voltage and amperage controls.

On top of all that this is also chemical, weather, moisture, and abrasion-resistant to ensure durability and safety with its use. Overall, this is a straightforward product, and do use this at your own risk so be careful. This is an alternative solution but this is still one of the best extension cord for charging electric cars.

Also we can suggest another product, well known Camco PowerGrip Heavy-Duty Outdoor 50-Amp Extension Cord. It is one of most popular extensions of RV owners and also some Tesla owners use it for charging their electric cars.

We like it because this cord has been rated for 50 Amp 125 Volts. In general it is well known player. But still you should remember, that using extension cord for EV charging is always at your own risk.

  • Chemical, weather, moisture, and abrasion-resistant
  • Extremely versatile
  • Limited to 30A and 125V

Best Extension Cord for Charging Electric Car – Final Word

These are our top picks for the Best Extension Cord for Charging Electric cars, we hope we helped you with this one, and remember to keep safety as your top priority especially when dealing with high voltage and high amperage electronics.

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