EVoCharge EVSE Review: One of the Best Level 2 Electric Car Chargers

by IrideEV Team | Last Updated: 9th January 2021
EVoCharge EVSE Electric Charging Station Review
EVoCharge EVSE, Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station with 25 ft Cable, 240V 32A

EVoCharge EVSE, Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Owning an electric car has its share of benefits. One of these is that you will never have to head to a gas station for refueling. However, if you live in an under-developed area, you may need to install a home EV charger so that you do not have to rely on a nearby public charger. Additionally, you will also not have to wait in line if there are other vehicles in front of you.

When you are looking for a car charger, you need to realize that you will need more than just a standard wall outlet. While these chargers are not cheap, they are certainly worth the investment. Additionally, you can also check for available incentives like tax credits and rebates for installing a home EV charger.

There are quite some factors that you need to remember while looking for the right home charger. For instance, you need to understand whether your vehicle is a battery-electric car or a plug-in hybrid.

Plug-in cars do not require an expensive charger, as opposed to fully electric ones. If you are charging a plug-in hybrid, you do not have to spend more.

EVoCharge EVSE review: Best Level 2 e-car charger in the market

When you are looking through Evocharge chargers, there are three main types – Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. The Level 3 ones are known as DC fast chargers and capable to charge your car within 20 minutes. However, they cannot be installed in your homes and only used by huge industries that are equipped to handle and maintain them.

With this, we are left with the other two – Level 1 and Level 2. Most e-cars are fitted with Level 1 EV chargers, especially the older ones. Also, they tend to be the cheapest; but the downside here is that it takes more time to fully charge your vehicle.

Level 2 chargers are comparatively faster than the Level 1 chargers and can be installed indoors, outdoors, and in your garage. If you make use of solar energy, the charger can also be installed as part of your solar panel.

These chargers can be mounted on your walls so that you can safely tuck the cables while not in use. In this article, we will talk about the EvoCharge Level 2 charger. So let’s start our EVoCharge Review.

EVoCharge EVSE review: Best Level 2 e-car charger in the market

What is the EVoCharge Electric Car Charging Station?

This particular device is a Level 3 wall-mounting charging station for electric cars. It is white, has a simple design, and looks quite elegant; this makes it go well with your garage. The charging capabilities are faster than a Level 1 charger and will quickly recharge the batteries of your e-car.

Due to its versatilities, the charging station is perfect for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles and available in both Canada and the US. This makes the device perfect for people that own both a hybrid and/or an all-electric car.

EVoCharge Review

EvoCharge is considered one of the top manufacturers of EV charging stations. The company is known to be quite experienced in this field and its name is respected and highly-trusted among its customers.

The company is known to manufacture the best EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) and also provide industry-leading EVoReel products and solutions for better cable management.

As mentioned above, this is quite an elegant and modern unit that can charge your electric car faster than a Level 1 charger. Additionally, the device is also affordable, efficient, and highly convenient.

Thanks to its optimal services, you will not have to spend time or energy visiting the charging station. Also, you will be able to get the job done from the comforts of your home.

EVoCharge Review

All you need to do is look for the right place to hang the charging cables. While it needs to be far off from the reach of children and pets, it should also be close enough to reach your vehicle. For added safety, you can mount them on the wall or ceiling.

This charging unit is known to work perfectly with all-electric vehicles like KIA, Ford, Honda, Volt, Fiat, Spark, Chevrolet Bolt, BMW, Cadillac ELR, and Audi.

EVoCharge Review – What are some of its features?

The EvoCharge EV charger can charge your electric car approximately 8X the speed of Level 1 chargers. The unit’s output is 7.6kW and can provide you 25-35 miles per hour charged. Additionally, you also have the choice of a quick charger if you are quickly heading out for an emergency.

Thanks to the design of the charging unit, installation is very easy. Once you have installed it, you can start using the charger. Additionally, the unit is also packed with a universal mounting bracket so that you can mount it on your wall and a standard NEMA 6-50 plug.

EVoCharge EVSE review: Best Level 2 e-car charger in the market

The current output of the unit is adjustable and you can choose the ideal settings based on your preferences and your home. As for the maximum output, it can be adjusted between 16-, 24, and 31-A. Alternatively, it can also support multiple ratings like 20-, 30-, and 40A.

The charging unit has been designed to withstand tough and rough weather conditions without breaking. Since it is water-proof, you can also choose to install the unit outdoors like a garage, etc.

The charging cable is available in two length variants – 18-feet and 25-feet. This will allow you to park your car anywhere within this distance or install the charger at an uncomfortable place.

EVoCharge Review

The EvoCharger unit has been certified by ENERGY STAR and UL-listed. This means that you will not be surprised by the sudden huge power bills and not waste unnecessary electricity.

  • The charging unit has a very elegant design
  • The unit works on all PHEVs and EVs
  • Capable of charging faster than a standard Level 1 charger
  • The engineering of the unit is very innovative
  • Packed with a holster
  • Certified by ENERGY STAR and UL-listed
  • The unit is weather- and water-proof
  • The unit is safe and very easy to use
  • The unit may be a bit on the expensive side

What should you look for while shopping for a charging unit for your electric car?

There are several factors that you need to remember while looking for the perfect e-car charging unit:


Most Level 2 chargers can deliver power between 16A and 80A. This will determine how fast your electric car charges. You need to ensure that you do not purchase an underpowered unit, only to buy a more powerful charger later.

If your current charging unit delivers about 16A, you may have to invest in a more powerful option. To be on the safe side, you need to look for a 32 or 40A charging unit.

EVoCharge Review

Cable length

Some chargers are packed with a 16-feet cable; for most users, however, this length is simply not long enough. It is recommended that the charging cable be at least 20-feet in length. Ideally, look for cables that measure at least 25-feet.

Safety certification

Since e-car charging units are quite new today, many small startups are manufacturing EV chargers. However, most of these units have not been measured and certified for safety.

For such charging units, you need to look for the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certification. These devices will deliver optimum power to your vehicle and continuously. Do not accept charging units that do not have this UL certification seal.

EVoCharge EVSE review: Best Level 2 e-car charger in the market

Plug-in or hardwired

If you are going for a hardwiring unit, it means the device will be connected to an electric supply. This also means that you cannot remove the device without removing the wiring or opening up the charger. On the other hand, a plug-in unit is not connected to an electric supply and can easily be plugged into your electrical circuitry.

It is better that you opt for a plug-in design, rather than the hardwire ones since you will have the following advantages:
You will be able to unplug the charging unit to another location. For instance, you decide to spend the next few days visiting your cousins in another state. A plug-in unit can be removed and carried around. While they are not exactly light or small, you can unplug the charging unit to another location easily.

The cost of installation is also less. All you need to do s install a 240V outlet (or let a professional do it).
If you face any type of problem with the plug-in charger, you can easily remove it and ship it for replacement. As for hardwired units, you will have to call in the services of a professional for uninstalling the old unit and re-installing the new one.

Final thoughts – EVoCharge Review

Overall, this is a sleek and small charging unit by EvoCharge. While the size may seem small, it is quite a durable choice. Apart from its sturdy nature, this unit is known for its power. Apart from being capable of cranking 32A for a quick recharge, it can also be used on a wide range of e-car types.
Additionally, there are also two cable length choices. You can also control the power outlet levels, the power display is very basic and there are no delay options. For what it is worth, the EvoCharge unit is a high-powered and tough charging unit.
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