Juicebox Pro 40 Charger Review – Buyer’s Guide

by IrideEV Team | Last Updated: 10th January 2021
JuiceBox 40 Next Generation Charging Station Review
JuiceBox 40 Next Generation Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi

JuiceBox 40 Next Generation Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station with WiFi

If you have invested in an EV, then you would know that it is equally important to have the right charger to get the vehicle charged up easily, efficiently, and quickly. Keeping your EV charged and ready-to-go is quite difficult. Thankfully, we have the perfect charger for you, which combines both speed and ingenuity.

If you are looking for a quality electric car charger that will charge your car quickly and last for a long time, then the JuiceBox 40 Next-Generation Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station might be your best bet.

This particular piece of tech is a smart level 2 UL certified EV charger that can charge almost every e-car today. The charging is quite fast – 7X than most EV chargers in the market today – and works perfectly for all sorts of EVs, both new and old.

The device is compatible with smart assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. It is one of the most popular choices of EV chargers today and is loved by EV owners around the world. So let’s check our Juicebox Charger Review.

Easy to assemble

Juicebox Pro 40 review: Best EV charger in the market today

This charging unit is quite simple to assess and set up. This means that you can hook the unit up to any type of power supply source. It can be plugged into any outlet that can support 40amp and 240V. This RV charger is also packed with its dedicated adapter.

The charging unit can be fitted into any type of RV you see on the streets. Hence, it makes it a perfect addition for people with their own houses and garages. They can fast-charge your vehicle with ease and safety control from electric demand protection.

Juicebox Pro 40 Manual

If you lost your manual or want to check it before buying a new charger, than you can find all the manuals here.

Quick charging capabilities

The JuiceBox 40 is a 70A charging station with 40-amp and 240-volt power. It is a level 2 charger that can charge your EV 10X faster than other models in the market. Even for demanding EVs like Tesla, the Juicebox 40 is extremely powerful.

Juicebox VS ChargePoint

If you own more than a single EV, you can install two of these charging ports; however, they can be connected to a single electrical line and be configured in a way that they do not exceed more than a combined draw of 80A.

However, if you plan on only using one, you can use it at a charge of the maximum of 70A. The charger will adjust the power outlet according to your vehicle and provide the power as it seems to fit.


The Juicebox 40 is a small and portable EV charger, as compared to other chargers within the same price rate. The device can be plugged into standard outlets, which means that you do not have to get involved in the hard-wired installation process.

Additionally, the charger needs the NEMA 14-50 outlets only. Due to all these features, the Juicebox Pro 40 is quite a portable EV charger that can be carried around and used effectively.

Juicebox Pro 40 review: Best EV charger in the market today

Also, the mounting bracket of the Juicebox 40 will allow you to remove the charger within seconds and move it anywhere else; this makes it a perfect EV charger for apartments and EV owners that are looking to avoid expensive outside electric grids.

Since the charger can be used both indoors and outdoors, the Juicebox Pro 40 can also be used as a travel vehicle charger.


The Juicebox Pro 40 is the most powerful EV electronic charger in the market today in this price range. The product has been categorized as a Level 2 charger, with an on-charge capacity of 10-kiloWatts; this amount is enough to recharge high-speed and very advanced cars like Mercedes B-class e-car, Tesla X, etc.

Advanced control system

Apart from being just a charger, the Juicebox charger is quite smart as well. The device is installed with complete Juicenet software and a web-based control system that provides you voltage monitoring facilities, current measurement, and real-time charging.

You can also keep an eye on the previous charging data, all from your smartphone. You can also control the system via your voice; this technology has been added just recently. Thanks to the voice control, you can manage, monitor, and control the charging system via voice command of Amazon Alexa/Echo or Google Home.

Juicebox 40 Review

Thanks to a Wi-Fi connection, and the energy data, you can make use of the dedicated Juicebox 40 mobile app to read the current measurements, exact voltage, and receive notifications; all these features make the Juicebox 40 one of the smartest EV chargers today.


The Juicebox 40 has been certified by the UL. Any product that has been UL-listed means that it has been tested for safety. Thanks to this certification, the Pro 40 is quite a safe EV charger to use.

Juicebox 40 Review

Small footprint

The Juicebox 40 is a very simple EV charger. Additionally, it is also one of the smallest you may have ever laid your eyes on. It does not measure more than 10-inches x 6-inches x 3.5-inches and roughly weighs about 18-lbs. This makes the EV charger quite portable and easy to carry around from one place to another.

Cable is heavy-duty

While most EV chargers are packed with heavy-duty cables that can lift weighty loads, they mostly do not feel very adequate or safe, to say the least. However, this is not in the case of Juicebox Pro 40. The cable is extremely durable, heavy, long-lasting, and sturdy. It is powerful enough to carry mass loads without breaking.

Juicebox Pro 40 review


The overall design of the Juicebox 40 is quite rugged. The device is fireproof and waterproof. As a testament to its rugged design, a popular YouTube show submerged the charger under 12-gallons of ice and water for five minutes. And the charger survived.

Additionally, the charging system is very unique and can be used alongside any type of power source. You can plug it into a standard RV-type or a normal wall outlet via dryer or adapters.

Once you have installed the 14-50R outlet, you can start charging your Juicebox Pro 40. The circuit load balancing capacity is very smart and will never exceed the limit of your electrical supply circuit.


You will be glad to know that the Juicebox Pro 40 is packed with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for home-usage. If you face any problem within these three years, you can let the company know about the defects and they will quickly replace the old one with a new charger.

Pros and cons

When you are buying any type of product, especially an EV charger, you need to look into its set of pros and cons:

  • The sturdy cable measures about 24 feet long
  • If you live in California, you will have access to utility demand response
  • The EV charger is portable, extremely durable, and fitted with advanced Wi-Fi control
  • For smart charging, you get smartphone and web access
  • The amperage is higher than its competing models
  • This EV charger has the fastest charging system and also packed with a heavy-duty cable
  • The outer covering is a metal case that is waterproof and fireproof
  • The overall design of the EV charger could have been a bit better
  • The installation process is not easy for some people

Juicebox VS ChargePoint – Which is better?

You will find a lot of mid-tier EV chargers in the market today. Most of them are capable of getting your vehicle charged up, without burning down your home. However, when it comes to high-end EV chargers, two names are very popular – JuiceBox and ChargePoint.

Both these companies are quite established and provide EV chargers that can be connected to your Wi-Fi for constant updates or simply monitoring the charging process. For the sake of this comparison, we will talk about ChargePoint’s Home Flex and the JuiceBox 40 Next Generation.

Setting up the devices

Both the EV chargers can either be connected via a NEMA 14-50 plug and hard-wired options. If you choose the hard-wired option, you need to get the chargers installed by a licensed electrician.

However, it is recommended that you opt for the plugged versions. With the plug option, you will be able to change the chargers out immediately if you decide to move out, install an upgrade, or if it goes bad. The only downside here is that the ‘50’ in NEMA 14-50 denotes a 50-amp breaker.

Juicebox VS ChargePoint

Sadly, you can only install 40A lines in the US, which means you cannot use the ChargePoint Flex up to 50-amps. However, 40-amps is still fine for most Level 2 users. This means that you will be able to charge an empty Tesla vehicle of 100kWh within 10 hours.

When it comes to the setup, both devices can be installed very easily. However, the JuiceBox 40 installation process is a bit simpler, according to several online reviews. Both are packed with a bracket for wall mounting.

Smart home charger

While the hardware may sound nice, the true differencing points between the products are the connectivity and software. You will be able to schedule your charging for minimizing energy wastage and save money on both chargers.

Once the charger is connected to the dedicated mobile app via Wi-Fi, you can easily set up the schedules and override in case of an emergency.

Overall look and feel

Both the ChargePoint Flex and JuiceBox 40 are both good-looking devices; they are fitted with a holster for the charging handle and a space to wrap the cable securely. The design of the ChargePoint looks very updated from its older versions while the JuiceBox looks completely different than its previous models.

The Home Flex is packed with a 23-foot cable, with its diameter slightly smaller than a garden hose. On the other hand, the JuiceBox cable is a bit longer – 25-feet. However, both the cables are longer than an average EV charger, including the Tesla Wall Charger. This means that even if you have more than one EV, you can easily charge them in your garage, without having to move or shift the cars.

Both chargers are fitted with a helpful screen that will show you how much has your EV been charged. Additionally, JuiceBox has also added a dedicated key lock function on the charging handle so that no person can use the charger if you plan on charging your vehicle in a public space.

Mobile app

This is the aspect where both the chargers shine out! Both the ChargePoint and JuiceBox chargers have their individual mobile apps that will help you understand and read the charging information. When it comes to home charging, the JuiceBox 40 has the upper hand.

However, the ChargePoint app focuses more on DC charging and destination. If you are looking for your home station, all you need to do is tap on the ‘Hamburger’ menu. The overall app is quite nice and works very smoothly. The ChargePoint app also has Alexa and Siri shortcuts for starting or stopping the charging process instantly.

Apart from these minor differences, both apps work exceptionally well and will not cause any type of problem to your EV or mobile device.

Juicebox Charger Review – Conclusion

The JuiceBox 40 Next Generation is one of the top pieces of equipment that will ensure that your EV is fully-powered for the road trip ahead. Its unique selling point is that it will charge your vehicle from low to full at an incredible speed.

There are only a handful of EV chargers in the market that can make this kind of impact. The JuiceBox 40 goes out of its way and tries to offer you the best features packed in a single unit.
You will definitely love this charger; it is safe, simple to use, and compact for easy storage. You will be able to keep the device out of sight when not using it and the extra-long cable will allow you to charge your EV from almost anywhere, or even share your supply with others if you are feeling extra grateful that day.

The last aspect of the JuiceBox 40 Next Generation is that its dedicated app that is fully customizable and intelligent. This app will ensure that your EV charges quickly, especially when in an emergency. The charger has a lot of features to be excited about and is a great product overall.

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