Mustart EV Charger Review – Tons of Safety Features and Even More

by IrideEV Team | Last Updated: 31st August 2020
mustart ev charger review
MUSTART 40 Amp 20 feet J1772 Extension Cord for EV

Charging Electric cars have been the most significant adjustment for everyone transitioning from a traditional vehicle to an electric vehicle. A good charger is a good start to help people get used to charging and using their electric cars.

The Mustart EC Charger has been one of the very best third-party chargers you can get on the market right now. It has been well known for its high portability that still delivers exceptional charging speeds. As well as tons of safety features that protect the charger, your car, and you. Let’s take an in-depth Mustart EV Charger Review.

Mustart EV Charger Review:

Did you ever come to a situation such as bringing your electric car to a relative, when you suddenly realize that you can’t charge your vehicle quickly? The Mustart EV charging will help you with that. To start, let’s take a quick look at the specs before we discuss them individually.

First off, the Mustart EV charger is a Level 2 Charger that can run with up to 40 Amps allowing you to charge your EV up to 5 times faster than what a level 1 charger can do. We will discuss that further in just a bit.

Mustart EV Charger Review

The Mustart EV charger also sticks to standard charging ports and procedures. Because of that, the Mustart EV charger can be used with any Electric Car. Suppose your car is using a different charging port. In that case, chances are you will be able to still use the Mustart EV chargers with the help of adapters and converters.

Portability and an easy to use experience is what the Mustart EV charger brings. This charger has long charging cables for a secure and safe connection. The charger also has everything on one line from the outlet plug, the charger controls, and the charging wires are all stuck together.

Because of that, the Mustart EV Charger can be easily thrown into the back of your car, and you can take it everywhere you want it to.

With the features it brings, the Mustart EV Charger may even cut the need to bring your car to a charging station. Instead, you can charge your car from your friend’s or relative’s home.

And now let’s take a more in-depth look at each feature the Mustart EV charger can offer you.

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Charging Capabilities

Yes, the manufacturer boasted about the quick charging speeds with a very portable package, but is it really any good?

To bring power to the control box, the charger plugs into a NEMA 10-50 outlet which one of the standards for charging high power appliances like electric cooking ranges, laundry machines. Most importantly, this has been used for most electric vehicle chargers as it will bring a stable and safe connection even without hardwiring.

The NEMA 10-50 outlet is not that common, but every home should have at least one connection for this. If you don’t have a NEMA 10-50 outlet for your EV Charger, you should seek help from your electric company to make sure that your Electric supply can take the load.

Setting that aside, the Mustart EV charger is recommended to run with 220V to 240V to get a proper charging speed. It is also recommended that your connection can take 40 Amps being sent to the charger since this is a Level 2 charger. Once you get that right, this charger can charge a typical Electric car from 0%-100% in just under 8 hours.

To further clarify, Level 1 chargers typically run on a standard 120VAC plug, which is the most common on your home. These will fully charge an EV in a day or two, which is honestly terrible. Level 2 chargers typically run off 220VAC-240VAC outlets and will bring charging times down to 8-10 hours.

Finally, the Level 3 Chargers run off a dedicated line from an electric company. The most common example of these are the Tesla Superchargers which commonly run on around 400VDC and higher, these are uncommon in homes and very expensive to install.

Mustart EV Charger Review

Charger Control Box

It is not the pure power of the electricity that gives the capabilities of fast charging your EV. Instead, the charger control box gives that option, that is why so many chargers fail, charge slowly, or simply unsafe. The Mustart EV Charger integrates most of the safety features and the high-quality chips that make the fast charging speeds possible all in the Charger control box.

Furthermore, the charger control box integrates several safety features to help protect you, your car, and to prevent any electrical fires. One of the highlights is IP55 waterproofing, which is good to cover accidental spills but not good enough to be soaked in the rain, so keep that in mind.

Mustart EV Charger Review

The control box also includes several monitor lights. There are three monitor lights dedicated to indicating something. First is the power indicator on the center which glows green, to the right is the charging indicator which glows red. Last is the one you don’t want to see, and that is the fault light at the very left glowing in yellow, which will indicate charging errors.

The control box also has a small display showing the voltage, amperage, charging time, wattage, and the temperature. Basically everything you need to know when you’re taking a close look at how your vehicle reacts to the charging. Really useful if you’re a bit anxious with your new charger.

Once the control box detects an error, some chips inside will cut the connection to prevent shortage or any more substantial errors, and these chips will trigger is as fast as 100m. The control box mainly offers and detects errors like over-current, over-voltage, overheating, and charging leakage.

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Mustart EV Charger Review – Cables

A good charger requires the right cables, is this any good? For starters, the wires are really thick and highly insulated, which is what you really want when you’re handling over 40A of current. But despite getting thick insulation, the cables on the Mustart EV charger is flexible and easy to tug around.

The charger cable from the wall plug to the control box is around 3 feet in length, which I wished it could’ve been a bit more longer. But the cable from the control box to the charging plug is around 22 feet, which is just enough to reach everything on a typical garage. Although an extension cord is available for a further reach.

Mustart EV Charger Review

Mustart EV Charger Review – Connector

The connector used on the Mustart EV charger is a J1772 connector. The J1772 is essentially the standard connector that can be used with any electric vehicle. You can still use this for your car even if it has a proprietary charging port like Tesla’s charging port. Which can be connected to a J1772 plug using an adaptor included upon purchase of the car. If your car manufacturer did not include an adaptor, then you can still find a cheap and reliable one online.

The connector on the Mustart EV charger is beefy and made sure to handle high voltages and high current going through it. As a safety feature, the connector received an IP67 waterproof rating which lets it work even under the rain.

Although you should still watch out and plug this in carefully of you’re planning to use it in the rain, remember that you’re working with massive power here.

Extra Features

Upon purchase, the Mustart EV charger will include several small things: you’ll get the charger itself, and besides that, you’ll also get a hook for looping your cable to, two clamps to hold the control box securely, and a rubberized plug for the connector, screws and wall plugs.

To end the review here are some pros and cons.

  • Level 2 charging capabilities
  • Can automatically adjust for electric cars that need lower amps
  • Has tons of safety features
  • Well built
  • Comes with hanging hardware
  • The cable is a bit short
  • Needs to have proper outlets

Mustart EV Charger Review

Mustart EV Charger Review – Conclusion

Overall, the Mustart EV charger really is a great charger to come by and help you with charging your car at other places quickly. Although this has tons of safety features, you should still use this with a bit of caution.

Now is this for you? If you own an electric car, then yes, this is a must for you. But before rushing in with buying one, you should check a few things:
– Check your vehicles charging rating if it matches the specs on this
– You should check if your outlets can support the charger
– Check if you have a 50A breaker for the outlet designated to the charger
Done checking? If everything’s right, then you’re free to get the Mustart EV charger and enjoy!

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